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Advance Your Research Career with the HTAsiaLink Early Career Researcher Grant!

Posted on
28 June 2024

Are you an emerging researcher with up to five years of experience in health technology assessment (HTA) or health services research? This is your opportunity to shine!

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Organizational Affiliation: Must be affiliated with an HTAsiaLink member organization.

  • Academic Background: Hold a relevant academic degree (M.D., MSc, MPH, Ph.D., or equivalent).

  • Research Proposal: Submit a well-defined research proposal aligned with the HTAsiaLink Early Career Researcher Grant objectives.

  • Supervised Research: Conduct your research under the guidance of one or more supervisors within the network. 

  • Experience Focused: Eligibility is based on years of research experience, not the number of publications.

Join us in advancing health technology and services research.
To apply now, visit: Here

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Members worldwide

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