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Why Join Us - HTAsiaLink Network

Posted on
14 March 2024

Welcome to HTAsiaLink, the premier network of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) research and evidence-based policy in Asia and the Pacific region! Discover the impact of becoming part of our community as professionals, researchers and organizations in HTA. HTAsiaLink is committed to promoting the integration of evidence into policy decisions, addressing the crucial need for strengthening HTA capacity. Be a part of a dynamic community driving positive change in healthcare policies across the region.

Join HTAsiaLink today and become a part of advancing HTA research and evidence-based policy. Together, let's shape the future of healthcare.

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Why Join Us - HTAsiaLink Network
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Members worldwide










Members worldwide

HTAsiaLink welcomes
health technology assessment (HTA) organizations to join our community.

We aim to raise awareness about the pivotal role of HTA in evidence-based decision-making in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond while providing a platform for organizations to connect with renowned scholars and experts, exchange ideas, and foster valuable collaborations.